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A Woman's Best Friend...

If a dog is a man's best friend than maybe, just maybe, a horse is a woman's. We had been meaning to get Miss Carli some photos with her pals for a couple years and finally the stars aligned. I think we made a little magic at the Mann Ranch. It is always special to me to host a session on our farm. It has been in the family for over 100 years and it truly is a great place to shoot, complete with all types of options. From the lake to the spruce trees that line the yard to the flowers and plank fences... I guess you could say I feel right at home. (Ha, do you see what I did there?) One thing that is always insanely important to me when shooting horses is to always have the horses ears facing forward. As you can imagine this isn't always easy so it always helps to have a team when working with animals really in general. Thank you to Carli's awesome mom Wanda for coming to hold horses, shake oat buckets and help us with the outfit changes. Final kudos go out to my "little sister" Cheyenne who assisted! Something tells me this wont be the last time I have her second shooting with me. She was (and always is) such a rockstar. My heart was filled after this session so we went to Opa to do the same to our bellies. Here are just a few of the fun...

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