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Patio Lights and Wheat Fields

We love variety, patio lights and a cool breeze on a warm day. This intimate style wedding was so very welcomed and one we won't forget. Logan and Chelsey (Mayer) met me at a new favourite location North of Lloydminster for an hour of formals in what felt like an elopement. We started with a first look and then fit in a few locations and styles to give them a variety of images to choose from. While we only shot for an hour, the relaxed nature of these two, the perfect options with lighting gathered up hundreds of options for them. Two weekends in a row of formals before the ceremony and again, I have to admit I like the lead up to, "You may kiss your bride." Couples get the jitters out of the way, have a private first look and get some of the must do's of the day done before making it official. This couple hosted their closest friends and family in their own backyard, which can only be described as a real life version of a fairy garden. Watching Chelsey walk up the aisle with her Dad under the lights was a highlight for me. There is something about low hanging options over an aisle that give me the swoonies. The ceremony was quick, cute and complete with a finger lick to get that ring on! Haha. The endless (really endless flowers), strings of patio lights and the smell of the meat smoking away had every one in such a happy, relaxed and ready to dance and celebrate mood. We snapped a ton of family and best friend shots before supper and then it was time for me to let this crew be free of me! Thank you to the new Mr. and Mrs. Logan and Chelsey Davison. Enjoy a few highlights of the 1800 images off to this duo.

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