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September Sunlight for the Soul

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

What a way to spend a Saturday! Becky was back from her summer holidays and having her in the passenger seat again was like sliding into an old leather jacket that fits just perfectly. She was stacked with snacks and she always brings me some concoction we call Jessie Juice to sip on between locations. This was a cinnamon, mint mixture with sparkling water. Don't knock it till you try it. As we were driving out to where the girls were getting ready we slammed on the breaks on a gravel road. We both saw it at the same time... a unique row of trees in their September prime. Most of you know that September prime time is a little like golden hour, it doesn't last long and sometimes it is tough to come by. Some leaves had already fallen but the trees were still covered. Each leaf was as if it was it's very own fall colour. We knew we would be back! We walked into the Maid of Honours house only to find that the MOH was Mindy, the owner of Brixton Shoes here in Lloyd. Both Becky and I frequent the store more often than we should (check it out if you haven't) and we were immediately welcomed into their beautiful home. We rushed up the stairs excited to get started only to find Candice Willetts on makeup and Jessica Arnold whipping up hair and one of the bridesmaids was a past wedding client. Kerri (Koppang) already looked gorgeous and her makeup wasn't even finished yet. Her hair was a perfect whimsical arrangement pinned behind a braid that belongs on a Pinterest Board. We loved the curls that fell in the front and a sentimental hair piece finished this look off. With this dream team running glam and a group of gorgeous girls we knew it was going to be a great day. Everyone was relaxed and we finished up with getting ready shots, (while rearranging Mindy's house- thanks Mindy) to capitalize on her beautiful windows and then we were off to town for a reveal with Chris, the groom, and Nixx the couple son. Nixx.... can we talk about this kid for a second? I wouldn't say Nixx was a photo fan but this little dude smiled in every single photo, listened perfectly throughout the day and he goes down in the records books as the best behaved kid to work with of all time. Don't believe us? The pictures are proof. Did we cry during his reveal- YUP! The reveal moments were wonderful, the flowers by Audina Hardstaff with Flowers on the Fly were INSANE and we were off for formal pictures with the wedding party and family. Thanks to Rick (we call him Riiiiick Jaaaaaames) with Black Magic for driving these rowdies around and for all the support throughout the day. We did a little trespassing (it happens sometimes) and visited a barley field, the row of trees I mentioned and Bud Miller. Then it was back to Mindy's for family photos and the ceremony. Can we just get a shout out to this friend of the bride for hosting! What an incredible yard and the work that went into prep was noticed in every corner. Mindy's husband was still string trimming away when we arrived that morning. This couple chose a later ceremony and we loved a change in the more typical schedule. There are many pros and cons to every schedule you can come up with for a wedding but we have to say this might be one of our favourite ways to shoot. The build up to the big moment creates something a little extra special and nothing feels rushed. The ceremony was at 4:00 and this duo opted for a receiving line. We highly recommend building in time after the ceremony to spend time with guests, get more hugs than you can count and not rush right to photos. Whoever tied the rings on the pillow made it a little tough for the Best Man to get them off but made it easy for us to capture the smiles, laughs and capitalize on the moment when he literally couldn't get at them... Little things like this made the day even more memorable, and make pictures more genuine! There was an extra 30 minutes built in after the congratulations celebration with friends and family to do a more intimate style shoot before heading to supper. This allowed for a little sassy shooting time and let Becky and really relax to make sure these photos were suited to their wants. Again, have we told you we love this schedule for the day! Supper was SUPERB by Donna Burke paired with cupcakes from the talented Spencer Dupuis and cake was created with love by Maria Rideout, both friends of the bride. Every speech was sentimental, but also funny (the best man made my cheeks actually hurt) and the first dance (played by the one and only, Maz Entertainment) was edgy and unique. Give it a listen... "Here's To Us" by Halestorm. Seriously, this song was suited and kick ass... Also, please note the end of the night pictures- the hair and makeup lasted alllllll day. No touch ups needed. TIP: Having a glam team that has your back is soooo helpful to a couple totally enjoying their day and rocking the confidence and it makes editing a breeze. ;) Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Kerri (Koppang) Helperl (and Nixx) and thank you to their family and friends for supporting the picture process throughout the day and for making us feel a part of the clan. Both Dad's even walked over during supper and had a great chat with us and the Mom's were delightful, welcoming and up for anything. Seriously, we just can't say enough about how calm, relaxed and fun the day was... and the environment set us up to capture beautiful images we were honoured to freeze in time forever. Without further adieu, here are some quick sneak peaks out of the over 2500 pictures off to this couple soon. Next Saturday we are sticking around Lloydminster for a intimate back yard ceremony and private shoot with just the bride and groom! Where should we go? EXTRA TIDBIT: Check out our Wedding Tips page for more with Candice Willetts!

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