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The Customer Experience... and Websites

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Wow! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this. Time. We have learned that this is a non-renewable and precious resource. We appreciate your gift of time. We work hard to try and provide quality customer service. Answering the phone, returning that DM or texting you back quickly, professionally and in a pleasant manner is important to us. What that means is we aren't always the best at posting to our website or social media! It has been much too long since we blogged, or posted highlights so we wanted to share a few gems from our last few sessions to give you an idea of what we have been up to.

WEBSITE CREATION Also, we are now creating websites. Yup! We design and manage websites. When COVID-19 hit photoshoots ceased as you know, not only was it sad not to connect with people but it was tough to see individuals have to change their celebration plans for many of the events we get the pleasure of partaking in. We needed to do something here at Jessie Mann Photography and Design to PIVOT. How could we continue to connect with clients and how could we help those in need. Websites! Supporting small businesses with affordable websites is a new passion for us. Check out a few of our latest designs: (another passion project of mine) Elect MARIN We are proud to be supporting Lorelee Marin in the upcoming Lloydminster municipal election. Again, thank YOU for stopping by and giving us your time. Do you have some questions or comments? Reach out and let's chat! Now, let's share just a couple snaps from of our kind and fun clients that we made recently some memories with. We don't have words how good it was to get back to snapping after a couple months in isolation. Two wonderful weddings left in 2020 and then let's get on with greater things 2021... Mmmmm K? ;)

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