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Hey there! Time is a non-renewable and precious resource and you taking the time to be here means more than you know! To the clients who have trusted us and to those we have yet to work with, it is always an honour to capture important moments in life together.

I began taking pictures professionally over 15 years ago when I started working at the Lloydminster Source (now Meridian Source) newspaper. I didn't realize then how much I loved time behind the camera. It wasn't long before I realized I had a passion for pictures. A close friend asked me to be a backup photographer for her wedding and the rest is... history. The last decade and a half has been filled with capturing over 325 weddings, in 5 different countries with loads of laughs in canola fields, pig pens, horse pastures, oceans and puddles. From dodging traffic on bridges to making crazy noises, I'll do about anything to try obtain that perfect shot.

I have a Master's degree in Education, but I am a life-long student at heart and most recently I've been building websites for small businesses during the pandemic. We have now designed and manage 20+ websites! It is a true honour to help companies grow and evolve their digital footprints. Most recently we have also joined forces with Kim Capiral and Narra Studios to expand our portfolio into film. I am currently Executive Producing, Second Bounce, a full scale documentary featuring themes of; women in support and mental health.
Wanting to laugh during a photoshoot or chat business and websites over coffee? Let us know. We are based out of Cochin, Sask and Lloydminster, Sask. and can travel upon request.
-Hugs, Jessie

Behind the Cameras

Introducing, your Third Wheels


Lead Photographer and Professional Third Wheel

Jessie Mann

Jessie is known for excitedly explaining, "Don't move!" over hundred times a session and can out eat any man at a wedding supper. She has been bitten on the bum by a giant pig during a shoot and once fell down a ravine in a snowstorm for a perfect shot. Don't worry, she was okay and she did get her shot. Jessie has shot nearly 325 weddings in 5 countries.


Second Shooter and Creative Mastermind

Becky Grassl

Beck has been with us for six years and has photographed over 30 weddings. She is the creative mastermind always thinking of ways to make your photos uniquely original. She is beyond terrified of mice and heights and once she encountered both at the same time on a trestle bridge. She too survived but don't ask her about it.


Second Shooter and
Miss. Never Misses a Thing

Rylee-Grace Wood

Rylee began working with us in 2021 and quickly worked into nearly 20 weddings. She is a photographer herself and she is Miss Never Misses a Thing. Her ability to see special moments even before they happen is remarkable. Rylee is currently living in New England playing Division III softball but she will be back in summer and ready to get behind the camera again! 

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