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Unique to Us & Yours Forever

Often unique to us here at Jessie Mann Photography and Design is the belief that all photos taken during our session together are just that, YOUR PHOTOS.

We do not charge per photo for any session nor do we limit the amount of images we offer you. Sure this means that your originals package may have pictures that aren't frame-able or flawless but if they evoke an emotion, help you to remember a feeling or were needed to help us get to that perfect shot, we think it has served it's purpose. Basically, you get every picture we take during our session, via cloud storage. These will be high resolution .jpg files to suit your needs. Then we also provide you with an online gallery via Pixieset where we put your edits and our favourite images. Here you can share your entire album on social media, download the package or grab a few you would love to print off. Your originals and edits package are in the cloud for you, or family and friends, to easily access from anywhere.  You own all the high resolution files and copyrights. What if there is an image in your originals that you want edited? Let us know, we will gladly whip that up for you.

The Investment

We continue with our theme of customization for all bookings, whether they be family, graduation, livestock, commercial, sports, portrait, boudoir or wedding. Typically shoots range from $250-$500.

Most wedding packages range from $1500-$3500 but that depends on your needs and wants.

Are you having a backyard ceremony with just a few lucky guests or are we off to Mexico with 200 of your crew?

Share with us your dreams for our time together and we will get a quote that is suited to your wishes. We want to work with you to make sure you are comfortable with your investment and that it meets your dreams but that you aren't paying for coverage you don't need.

We also offer: Website design or support with other promotional needs for small business.

Weddings Packages

Typically couples book one of the two base options:
We begin shooting around noon to capture a few of those getting ready moments before heading off to the ceremony and capturing your family and formal photos. We wrap up before supper and you and your crew are off to celebrate. This is the most popular base option.
*This is usually over 1800 photos with hundreds (400+) available in your online gallery. 

We begin shooting around noon to capture those getting ready moments and cover everything up until the first two or three dances are complete. 
*This is usually over 2200 photos with hundreds (400+) available in your online gallery.

Again, remember, everything is customize-able. Once you have decided on your package, pricing and we are right for you, we will have you fill out the Wedding Questionnaire. This helps us to cover all of the details you want to freeze forever! 

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