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We have limited availability for wedding photography and are so fortunate to say we only have a couple 2024 dates left available. Yes, we travel internationally and are excited to embark on our 10th international destination wedding to wrap up 2023. The following dates are booked for weddings only. Please contact us for openings for grad/family/website and corporate bookings.

*This is not an updated list. Please contact for availability. 
July 27, 2024 Garton Wedding

June 10, (McNinch Wedding)
July 1 (Cochin Wedding Booked)
August 12, (Mann Ranch Wedding)
August 26 (Ray 303 Wedding)
October 1-10 (SCOTLAND, UK)
October 21 (Appleton/Lovell Wedding)
November 28-December 5, 2023 Tulum Mexico (MALO Wedding)


Only booking 10 grads in 2022. 
Feb 12, Bosch Wedding Provost Sask. with Narra Studios
Feb 19, Cervantes Wedding, Lloyd, SK.
Feb 28-March 15 NATIONALS CCAA Vancouver
June (Completely Booked)
July 7-11, Big Bang Barrel Race in Bowden, AB.
July 16, Kobelka Wedding, Lake, Sask.
July 23, Weisner Wedding, Waseca, Sask
July 31, Runaway Barrel Slot Race, Ponoka, Ab.
August 18-21, ABRA Finals, Ponoka Ab.
Sept 17, Knight Wedding, Saskatoon

October 1, Alex and Tanya, Hitching Post, SK/AB
December 2, Mexico Wedding (Lider) Yucatan

We only book 25 grads per year. We are currently booked for Grad 2021.
June (We are completely booked for June 2021)
June 12, Hutton Elk Ridge with Narra Studios

September 11, Baddock Wedding, Lloyd, Sask.
September 18, Foulds Wedding, Lloyd, Sask.
November 20, Harvie Wedding, Lloyd, Sask.
New Years Eve 2021, Burns/Lupul Wedding

*We are no longer booking for 2020.

January 1: Mallett Wedding
January 4: Palik Wedding
January 10-14; Orlando, Corporate
February 18-25: Mardi Gras, New Orleans
March 28: Braun Wedding 1 (Postponed-COVID)
April 15th to the 23rd: Out of Country
April 25: Lorraine Wedding (Rescheduled-COVID)
June 6: Booked
June 12: Booked
June 20: Abbott Wedding
June 27: Walsh Wedding
July 4: Nielsen/Zweifel Wedding
July 11: Booked
July 18: Booked
July 25: Chesney Wedding
July 26: Booked
August 1: Braun Wedding 2
August 15: Malo
August 22: Maydonick Wedding with Narra Studios
October 31 & November 1: Edmonton Womens Show
November 7: Lorraine Wedding

*We are no longer booking for 2019

January 12: Van Gendren Wedding
February 2: Sych Wedding
March 7-18; Maui, Hawaii
March 30/31; Unavailable
April 6; Unavailable
April 19-21: Unavailable
April 23-25: Unavailable
May 18: Wedding
June 22: Payne Wedding
July 5: Mott Wedding
July 6: Simons Wedding
July 20: Gagnon Wedding
July 26, 27, 28: Unavailable
August 3: Unger Wedding
August 13-19th: Nashville, Tennessee
Sept 7: Koppang Wedding
Sept 14: Davison Wedding
Sept 21: Duvenge Wedding
Nov 3-10: Mexico Wedding with Narra Studios
Nov 13-17: New Orleans
Nov 28-30: Booked, Calgary, AB.

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