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Tips for your Wedding Day

It's not everyday you get married... Get ready to HAVE FUN! This is a celebration of finding one another. In a crazy world like this one, we think that is pretty awesome! Book the big things, have fun with the small details and it's cliché but, 'Don't sweat the small stuff.' 


Embrace the hiccups, the mispronunciations, temperamental weather and finicky technology. The hiccups often make for genuine laughter (the best pictures come from that) and crazy weather sometimes gives you photos that are simply shocking and just down right jaw dropping. Don't stress over what you can't change and just EMBRACE the imperfections.


Bigger isn't always better... Pick a wedding party that is near and dear. Don't worry about having to have even or odd numbers or even the same number as your bride or groom. You being close with your crew trumps symmetry and size.


Professional videographer, Kim Capiral of Narra Studios, shares the following advice when it comes to your team freezing the memories for you forever.

"You are the star! (Especially our brides) think Vogue or simply just be in the moment. We love capturing movements and candids. Laugh hard and cry alllllll you want. Don't worry. We will make you look good."


Share with your photography, videography and creative teams of any special or unique circumstances that can guide them in capturing a surprise moment or navigating some of those uncomfortable situations. Remember to fill out our online form to fill us in and support us in customizing your gallery just for YOU!
A link to the Wedding Questionnaire can be found by clicking HERE


During your rehearsal it is a good idea to gently suggest to your Priest, Minister, JP, etc... to move slightly to either side before the big announcement of, "You may kiss the bride!"
Or, you can leave this to us as we
 also try and mention this before the ceremony. 
It is also awesome to practice with your voices being heard with the microphone rather than whoever is performing the ceremony. Your family and friends want to hear YOU! 


When it comes to makeup and prep is professional makeup artist, Candice Willetts shares, "If I can give any advice at all, it would be to relax and not rush the beauty process. Allow at least 45 minutes to an hour for your makeup application and enjoy the process! Choose a Makeup Artist carefully based on your own personal style, budget and personality. There are so many amazing artists in the industry and you want to choose someone you vibe well with. The morning of your wedding will set the mood for the rest of the day, so, you want to invite someone to be apart of your day that will highlight that part of the day. As far as the actual makeup on your big day, I always recommend making your eyes stand out, and false eyelashes are a must. Your makeup needs to have enough colour to compensate for the whiteness of your dress and you definitely don’t want to look washed out! You want to look soft but elegant on your big day!"

Also adding to that is the endlessly talented Glaiza Capiral with The Beauty Depth.

"A trial is the perfect opportunity to get to know your artist's personality and their skill level, and to determine if they are the right fit for you. It is time to ensure the client's expectations are met. Sometimes there may need to be an honest and open discussion about something you have in mind which may not be achievable or possible due to your skin type or face/eye shape. It is so much easier to deal with these situations at a trial so there is plenty of time to come up with an alternative that you like. There is not one type of skincare or makeup product that will suit everyone's skin type."


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