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A Whimsical and Western Wedding

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

"Finally your big day has arrived Brett and Jessica. What a beautiful couple the two of you are. After I saw you two together a few times I knew this day would come sooner or later. Brett, I was the first man to hold her, love her and care for her. I tied her shoe laces until she figured how to do it herself. I helped her on her horse the first time. In fact, I was the only man in her life until recently. I am not standing in your way. I prayed that she would find you and she did. I am proud to have a son in law like you... A father does not want his daughter to marry her first love but he certainly wants her to be with her last love forever. The recipe for a successful relationship is, two imperfect people committed 100%. Never give up on each other. May god bless you. I love you both." -Father of the Bride, Dr. Duvenage. It is no secret how important the western way of life is to me. It is many of the lessons I learned growing up on two farming/ranching operations that have moulded me into who I am and ultimately guided me in the direction to take my business. When Brett and Jessica hired me I knew that this would be a western wedding for the books and they did not disappoint. The dress, flowers, archway, cowboy boots, aisle, skulls, bridesmaid hoops and really all the details pulled at your heart a little... I felt like I was on the cusp of tears all day actually. The branding, emotions from the parents and stories told while we were shooting pictures were all so authentic, genuine and warm. I fought the tears all day long until the Father of the Bride speech. The way he spoke, the stories he told and how he looked at his daughter (well, I am crying again typing this a month later) cannot be explained with justice. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brett and Jessica Pickford... it was a true honour to freeze your special day forever. *Bouquet by Flowers on the Fly with Audina Hardstaff

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