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Tender Touches and Giggling Grammas

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

It's time to share with you one of the most special days in my life and this post is a long time in coming! I want to introduce you all to my fairy god son Franco Capiral born December 24th weighing in at 7lbs and 4oz.

Many of you know the Capiral family or have heard me rave about Narra Studios on before but what I maybe don't get the opportunity to share here often is truly how much the Capiral family means to me. They are one of the kindest, most community oriented, fun, goofy and selfless families I have ever met. Sharing in the moments after Franco was born as his Grannie's, Rida and Bless, squealed with excitement when they found out a boy was being added to the twin beauties Kim and Glaiza already have, was PURE and GENUINE joy. I will never forget this day and the emotions I felt. Thank you for sharing your life with me Capiral Family. +++++++++++ Capturing lifestyle sessions is one of our favourite ways to freeze moments and we especially look forward to times when we can stand back and let magic happen in front of our eyes. We welcome and

LOVE birth and in hospital mini sessions!

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