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When Your Best Friend Becomes a Mrs.

I know her as Chow but the world knows her as Kelsey. When Kels embarked on wedding planning she wanted SIMPLE. Simple being a small back yard ceremony and maybe a BBQ with a few of the nearest and dearest. After talking with family and meeting her fiancé Dusty half way, she settled on a little bigger and more traditional. While we joke that she didn't even want us as bridesmaids and the process leading up to the big day a smidge more stressful than she would have liked, she admitted that it was the perfect day. Standing up for her and taking the pictures had some tricky moments but being asked and trusted to shoot as well as say a speech meant more to me than Kelsey will ever know. Here is some of the fun! Thanks to Sarah Iverson for assisting... I gotta say this might be my favourite bridesmaid picture of all time, but I might be a little biased. Here are a few of our memories. #TheBudsGetHitched

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